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Those who have been given the responsibility of feeding the flock, leading, instructing, equipping, and preparing God’s people will face difficulties. Some people are easily led and will follow by faith, whereas others will scarce follow at all. Moses learned as much.

The tendency of the leader or parent is to make people do what is right; yet, the truth is that we cannot make anyone do anything. God gave leaders the responsibility of influence, not control. Leaders must work to develop and manage an atmosphere and environment where people want to learn.


Author: S.A. Scott  | Pages: 298  | Chapters: 46 | Format: Paperback


Chapter Titles

1. Seasons of influence
2. The influence of God
3. Leadership dilemma
4. Who is in control?
5. There is a difference between influence and control 47
6. “Come down quickly”
7. What role does a leader play in a person’s life?
8. Teaching self-control
9. A courtship atmosphere
10. Is elimination the solution?
11. Influence of the counterbalance
12. Restraining those who cannot control themselves
13. The praise of people
14. Imperious dictatorship
15. The taskmaster
16. We are servant to whom we obey
17. The subtle approach
18. A snare
19. Good or bad?
20. Foot washing has gone out of style
21. Soul liberty
22. Autopsy of a life
23. Change people
24. Sweet tea
25. Our mission is influence
26. The aroma of the alabaster box

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