Standing Near The Cross


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Christ’s Crucifixion was not a solitary event. Yes, He was crucified between two thieves; but there were many more present that day.

One thing is for certain, the great crowd who assembled that day was not there by accident.

Standing Near the Cross is a study of these people who were friends and enemies, men and women, named and unnamed, who witnessed the suffering of our Saviour, heard His groanings, felt the earth quake, and watched the sky turn dark as the Spotless Lamb became the Sacrificial Lamb for us all.


Author: Greg Neal  | Pages: 184  | Chapters: 17 | Format: Paperback


Chapter Titles

  1. Introduction
  2. John the Beloved Disciple
  3. Mary Magdalene: Everyone Has a Story
  4. Joseph the Secret Disciple
  5. Nicodemus Who Came to Jesus By Night
  6. The Centurion the Unlikely Witness
  7. The Roman Soldiers: Unowningly Connecting the Past, Present, and Future
  8. Simon the Cross Bearer
  9. Mary the Mother of Jesus
  10. The Women at the Cross
  11. The Chief Priests: The Result of Dead Religion
  12. Mary the Unknown yet Faithful Follower
  13. Salome the Mother of Zebedee’s Children
  14. The Acquaintances of Jesus
  15. The Two Malefactors: Belief Versus Unbelief
  16. God the Father
  17. Afterword

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Standing Near The Cross

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