The Octopus Of Humanism


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Jeff Farnham takes an in-depth look at the things in society that are influencing men against the Gospel of Christ. Using the figure of an octopus with its eight tentacles, he shows how eight philosophical systems that mushroomed in the last century—mysticism, relativism, materialism, secularism, intellectualism, emotionalism, pragmatism and hedonism—all come from the common source of humanism.


Author: Jeff Farnham  | Pages: 138  | Chapters: 13 | Format: Paperback


Chapter Titles


  1. The Figure of the Octopus
  2. The Head of the Octopus
  3. The Tentacles of the Octopus
  4. The Tentacle of Mysticism
  5. The Tentacle of Relativism
  6. The Tentacle of Materialism
  7. The Tentacle of Secularism
  8. The Tentacle of Intellectualism
  9. The Tentacle of Emotionalism
  10. The Tentacle of Pragmatism
  11. The Tentacle of Hedonism
  12. The Death of the Octopus
  13. Epilogue

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The Octopus Of Humanism

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