What Great Men Taught Me


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Much of the success of my early pastorate I owe to these seasoned and experienced veterans who taught me what others had taught them. I wondered then why God allowed me as a very young pastor to become close friends with such men as Dr. John R. Rice, Bob Jones, Sr., Dr. Bill Rice, Dr. R. G. Lee, and other great men of God. I do not wonder now. I am convinced that God wanted someone to deliver to the following generation what these men delivered to me. What they taught me is now available to you. This is a book authored by great men of the past and written by a conduit through which their experiences and lives can flow to you.


Author: Jack Hyles  | Pages: 220  | Chapters: 35 | Format: Paperback


Chapter Titles

  1. All Men Are My Teachers
  2. Sing As You Ride
  3. Texas Baptist Premillennial Fellowship
  4. Stay!
  5. The Greatest Shall Be the Servant of All
  6. “So Nigh is Grandeur to Our Dust’
  7. Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?
  8. “I Love Lucy”
  9. Your Wife Is Human, and So Are You!
  10. I Never Make Decisions
  11. My Opponent Doesn’t Have to Be My Enemy
  12. “What’s the Difference Between the Critic and the One Who Criticizes the Critic?”
  13. Jesus Before Mama
  14. “There Are No Little Churches!”
  15. Keep Your Testimony Fresh
  16. Give Everyone of These Women Boys
  17. I’ve Studied Myself
  18. Joy in Serving Jesus
  19. Fighting Fundamentalists
  20. How to Make Another John R. Rice
  21. Accreditation
  22. Full of Grace and Truth
  23. Full of Eloquence?
  24. Cannibals, Scrambled Eggs and
  25. Extract of Beef
  26. If You Stay Here, You Pray Here
  27. I’m Not a Preacher Boy Anymore
  28. I Cannot But Speak the Things I’ve Seen and Heard!
  29. The Song of the Soul Set Free
  30. Footprints in the Sands of Time
  31. All Your Sermons Have Hooks
  32. Ball Point Pens!
  33. Preaching by Faith
  34. God’s Simple Plan of Salvation
  35. Perseverance Personified

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What Great Men Taught Me